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Brand Identity System

Magazine Editorial Design
Graphis New Talent Annual 2021 
Silver Award

Annie Huang Luck

Teaching Assistant Kevin Koon
The Smithsonian magazine is a monthly magazine published by the Smithsonian Institution. It places a Smithsonian lens on the world, looking at the topics and subjects researched, studied, and exhibited by the Smithsonian.

The tagline of the magazine is to ignite BOUNDLESS CURIOSITY. While it is essential to show the connection between the institution and the magazine, presenting its personality is also crucial for a stronger brand identity.


The magazine covers stories and research in the same way the museums do. It has become the window to everything that the Smithsonian does. So I decided to rename the magazine 19+1. It indicates the unique connection between the magazine and the institution without directly using the same name, allowing the magazine to have its unique voice and personality.And I also want to explore how these two elements, the sunburst, and the plus, could shape the brand's identity.

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︎︎︎Graphic Elements

︎︎︎Interior Pages


For the first issue of the new magazine, I picked the theme “The world of data”.

I want to take the readers to look around and redefine the meaning of data, not only in the mathematical and scientific perspective, but also how data can be interpreted in a humanistic approach, and how it influence our world.

︎︎︎Secondary Brand
Smithsonian Magazine hosts annual photography contest. I updated the secondary logo based on the visual from the primary brand.

︎︎︎Poster for launching the new issue

︎︎︎Poster for promoting the new features

︎︎︎Social Media

Both the brand voice and the amazing content in the magazine are presented on the instagram page to spark the curiosity and attract more potential readers.

︎︎︎Tote Bag

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