Kilogirl Monument

Transmedia Installation

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︎︎︎19+1 Magazine

As digital permanence captures, stores and visualizes the history, it is essential to restore the valuable history that we have once neglected or forgotten in a real-life format, so that the mass could easily learn about this history and re-live in it. AR is one of the proper tools that could bring that experience to people.

︎︎︎Concept Development

Just before the digital age emerged, computers were humans, sitting at tables and doing math laboriously by hand. Yet they powered everything from astronomy to war and the race into the universe. 

Women were considered essential back when “computers” weren’t even yet machines. And for a time, a large portion of them were women. It’s ironic that today they must fight for equality in Silicon Valley.

One contractor of the Applied Mathematics Panel used the term “kilogirl” to refer to 1,000 hours of female calculation work.

—The First Computers were Human,  Smithsonian Magazine

︎︎︎Work in Unity