Rebrand for
Victoria’s Secret

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity System


Gerardo Herrera

Monica Schlaug
Victoria’s Secret is the iconic brand and the leading specialty retailer of women’s intimates. However, over recent years it is witnessing a downturn in their business as they are failing to resonate with the modern women and their social causes they care about.

They have failed to connect to their audience emotionally of not promoting body positivity and inclusivity in the brand’s ideology, which results in not appealing to their current and future customers anymore.


In roman religion, VICTORIA is the goddess of victory, her themes are victory, success and excellence. She inspires people to resolve within us to do everything we undertake, surmount any obstacle on the journey.

I want to shorten the brand’s name to just VICTORIA to reflect that, that the brand becomes the wings of the customer.

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︎︎︎The New Logo

The Supporting Wings
The symbol is based on the shape of heart transforming into a pair of wings that takes women to their victory. Just like how VICTORIA always supports and assists the customers as they conquer every challenge.

︎︎︎Stationery system

︎︎︎Poster series

The experience starts before entering the store front. Messaging is shown on the storefront to celebrate the brand’s idea.

The messaging is also reinforced within the store.

︎︎︎Fashion Week Stage
The event is also the launch of the new brand image.

︎︎︎Digital and Social Media
The brand expands to different platforms.

︎︎︎Visual Generator
A customized software is created with Processing. Staff can customize the back of their business card with the software.

︎︎︎Brand Bible
The outside tissue paper is the brand’s old visuals. After peeling the orignial cover, the new look reveals.

︎︎︎ Stereo(type)ography
︎︎︎ Pacific Asia Museum
︎︎︎ NOOOISE Virtual Livehouse
︎︎︎ 21C Museum Hotel
︎︎︎ 19+1 Magazine